Where Do I get My Ideas?

Sometimes people ask me where I get the ideas for my outfits. I find ideas everywhere! I might get an idea from the catalogs that arrive in my mail. I take a photo, and store it in my phone for later use. Often, a trip through the fabric store inspires an outfit, which happened recently when I saw a sweet cotton fabric with a tiny octopus print and immediately thought I could sew up a skirt and pair it with a tee if I could find a little octopus to embroider. I love the little octopus I found at Embroidery Designs Online! Expect to see the octopus print in a jumper, too.

I frequently get ideas from the weekly classes I take at Sewing with Cinnamon (SWC). I belong to a few Facebook pages about sewing for dolls, and may see something to spark an idea. Sometimes I want to emulate an outfit that I see on a TV show. For example, last year, I was inspired by the fashions in Emily in Paris (and one of my SWC classes about embellishing outfits).

Inspired by Emily in Paris. The flowers are cut from lace and hand-sewn to the jacket.

In additon, you’ll see some of my own interests represented, like hiking, gardening, reading, writing poetry, etc. Of course I also get inspired by clients making special requests that challenge and grow my skills.

This special order replicates a young lady’s recital dress.

I always learn something about my venues, and create clothes specially made for the people/events in those locations.

These outfits were designed for Mahomet’s Soda Fest in 2022.

Finally, I also pay attention to what my clients are wearing. Yes, I should be adding more unicorns and rainbows to my collection. So you see? Ideas are everywhere.

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