A Merry Christmas Event in Atlanta, IL

It’s always fun to shop at Fashion Pece’s. While I package some items as outfits, I specialize in separates. This means that a trip to the Fashion Pece’s booth involves coordinating pieces for your doll’s own special look. And, with bundle deals, an outfit is competitively priced. I enjoy helping kids and their adults choose their outfits, and genuinely look forward to this part of my events.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, I was set up in Atlanta, IL for their Holiday Market. What a fun two days! Christmas Spirit is infectious in Atlanta, and the town put on quite the show. I especially enjoyed seeing the kids dressed up for their visits with Santa, and the lights in the park. I plan to continue celebrating Christmas in Atlanta – both in July and November! Thank you to those of you who visited my booth as repeat customers and those of you who are enjoying my products for the first time. I’d like to give a special shout out to Whitney O. for taking such good care of her vendors. See you in July, Atlanta!

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