Embroidery Embellishments

Today I decided to design a small border embroidery pattern to use as embellishment on these summer short bibs (pattern by Sofie Clarisse Doll Fashon TM found at Pixie Faire). I had added a purchased embroidery border on a pair, which I think is very cute, but wanted some options. When I began the design process, I planned to choose a design, fill it in and add a straight line like in the heart border below. But as I explored the shapes in the library of my embroidery design program, I realized that leaves would make a suitable and decorative line. I added a hint of leaf veins, and the basic design was complete. All that was left was to go out to my sewing studio and stitch them out, fussy cut the bib pieces, and sew up the shorts! I will be sewing large snaps between the bib and the straps to fasten the outfit, and let the dolls try them on for a photo shoot!

You will be able to purchase a pair of these fun summer bibs at Market Weekend on Route 66 in Atlanta, IL on June 23rd & June 24th.

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