Fashion Pece’s is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Judith Pece (pr. Peace).  I make all of the doll clothes sold on my site, including ready-to-wear, custom (more about that later), and upcycled clothing. I make sure that the clothes are well-made, durable, and easy to care for.  Most are machine wash and dry, although I recommend hang drying for best results.  Because I am making all the clothes myself, individual outfits or separates may be in limited supply, especially when it comes to upcycled pieces.

What are upcycled clothes?  Simple put, these are doll fashions that are created from fabric and/or trims that have already been used for another purpose, mostly clothing worn by people.  When I upcycle, the first thing I do is make sure that there is enough usable fabric in the garment I’m upcycling, and then I clean the garment. When I’m satisfied that the material is clean enough for resale, I then cut out the pattern and begin to create a quality product for you.  Any doll clothes containing upcycled fabric or trims that I sell on my site are labeled as such. Otherwise, the doll clothes are made from all new materials.

I can custom design or make doll clothes for you using patterns you’ve seen on my website, or as a match to an outfit you would like to copy (think special event clothes like wedding dresses). I can create these clothes from new materials or from upcycled garments that you provide.  I can also create custom designs for t-shirts, or personalize a design that I already offer on my site. If you want to work with me regarding custom doll clothes, please contact me by email so that we can discuss your project.

A special word about t-shirts:  The designs I put on my doll t-shirts are licensed to me with the understanding that I will only offer up completed projects for sale.  That means that I can’t take orders for, say, a pink t-shirt with the same design you saw on my site on a white t-shirt. You can, however, ask me to let you know when I might have a pink t-shirt with those designs in stock.

The main thing to keep in mind is that if you see something you might want to buy, you should probably do it if you really want the article.

A word about pricing:  each of these outfits is handmade, using quality materials and sewing techniques.  In many cases you will find that instead of hook and loop closures (such as Velcro), I have installed a zipper, or snaps. In the pricier items, you will find seams and hems finished using couture techniques. I have made every effort to price my doll fashions competitively with other upscale doll shops. I will ship at the best rate to get your product to you in a timely manner.

Thank you for shopping at Fashion Pece’s! Bookmark this site so that you can check back frequently for new items.  And please, follow Fashion Pece’s on Facebook for the latest news and releases.